Let us guess what your nationality is based on your personality

Nationality is about more than just the country where you live sầu. Use these simple runitravel.com of nationality to understvà how this concept is about social belonging more than physical location.

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Nationality is about more than just the country where you live. Use these simple runitravel.com of nationality to understvà how this concept is about social belonging more than physical location.

Nationality Is Different Than Citizenship

Nationality can mean different things, depending on the context. For instance, in immigration & legal documents, it can sometimes mean citizenship. However, nationality is not the same as citizenship. Citizenship has to vì with where you live as a legal resident of a country, but nationality has khổng lồ vị with where you belong. You can live in one place & belong in another, as these runitravel.com show.

Yearning for Home

Svetlana lives in the United States, but she was born in Russia. Her parents still live in Russia, & she still speaks Russian. Although she is a legal citizen, she has only lived in the US for a few years. She yearns khổng lồ return khổng lồ Russia & plans to go bachồng.

Even though Svetlana is a US citizen, she doesn"t consider herself to lớn be an American. She feels she belongs in Russia, which means her nationality is Russian.

A New Immigrant

Muhammad was born in India but has always dreamt of living in Canadomain authority. He worked hard in school and has come to Canada as a university student. He loves Canadomain authority & plans to apply for citizenship to lớn become a permanent resident.

While Muhammad is Indian, he is also Canadian. Although Muhammad is not yet a legal citizen of Canadomain authority, he feels he belongs in that country. His future plans indicate that his nationality is Canadian too.

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The Relationship Between Ethniđô thị and Nationality

Like nationality, ethniđô thị involves the concept of belonging. However, ethnicity is not about the country where someone lives or was born. Instead, it involves common cultural factors like music, religion, food, dress, và others. These simple runitravel.com can help.

Ancestral Origins

Jacque has spent his whole life in Montreal và speaks French. His neighbors and coworkers all speak French too. His ancestors emigrated lớn Canada from France generations ago, & he"s proud of his heritage. Even though Jacque"s nationality is simply Canadian, his ethnicity is French-Canadian.

Shared History

Nichelle is an African American fourth grader at an elementary school in Chicago. She"s at the top of her class and enjoys history. She is also fascinated with the history of her own family & talks lớn her grandmother about her experiences during the Civil Rights era & the family"s history of slavery. Nichelle is American because she lives in & feels part of the United States, and her ethniđô thị is also African American.

Nations and Countries

A nation and a country can be the same, but they don"t always have to lớn be. A nation is the physical territory & the people who live sầu in it. A country is the physical territory, the people who live sầu in it, và the government that controls it.

People can also live sầu in more than one nation but a single country, as in the Great Sioux Nation. People of Native American ethniđô thị may live on reservation l& that is a nation in itself, while also living in the nation and country of the United States.

Is "American" a Nationality?

People who identify as belonging in the country of the United States are considered khổng lồ have sầu American nationality; however, this can be a little confusing. "American" is a term of casual usage. The US Department of State refers to citizens as "US Nationals." This eliminates confusion with the American continents.

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Types of Nationality in the United Kingdom

Some governments define several different types of nationality in a legal sense. For instance, there are six types of British nationality in the United Kingdom:

British citizen: Someone born in the UK or who has received official citizenshipBritish overseas territory citizen: Someone who was born in an overseas territory of Great Britain or has obtained citizenship thereBritish overseas citizen: Often someone who would otherwise be considered stateless but who was born in a British territory or has a parent born in a British territoryBritish subject: An uncommon designation that applies to people who were British subjects prior lớn 1948 but did not become a British citizen or a citizen of another countryBritish national (overseas): Someone who was connected with Hong Kong prior khổng lồ 1997 và did not become a British overseas territories citizenBritish protected person: Someone born stateless in the UK or a territory and has a parent who was a British protected person

Countries and Nationalities of the World

This printable chart lists many of the world"s nationalities và their associated countries.