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‘A spokesman for the council said the scheme would be considered on its planning merits và the committee would take all viewpoints into lớn account when reaching its decision.’‘Obviously, any major troop movement must be based on a government decision that takes all relevant factors into account.’‘It is for the tribunal as an industrial jury lớn take all relevant factors into trương mục in reaching its conclusion, giving such weight lớn them as it considers appropriate.’‘He said he hoped his views would be taken inlớn tài khoản when a decision was made on what disciplinary action would be taken against the officer.’‘Finance, manpower & property considerations were taken inkhổng lồ account by decision makers who say the move reflects the Army"s strategy of reallocating resources.’‘The council would then take all representations into account before reaching a final decision.’‘These factors will be taken inkhổng lồ account when the application for the Stockwell Square development is considered by the Planning Board.’‘An officer characterized by such a style of leadership refrains from one-man decision-making, trusts his collective sầu và takes its opinion into lớn trương mục in making decisions.’‘Now, considering women tkết thúc khổng lồ live about four years longer than men và that men tkết thúc khổng lồ have sầu more car crashes than women, it seems ridiculous that insurers are not going to lớn be allowed to take these factors inkhổng lồ tài khoản when assessing risk.’‘Owners need to take this factor inlớn account when planning combined outdoor activities, whether a race or a Frisbee-catching activity at the local park.’‘The simple truth is that a number of factors are taken inkhổng lồ trương mục, including circulation figures.’‘It should be noted, however, that several important factors are not taken into tài khoản in the calculation.’‘The council, by apparently not taking these factors into lớn tài khoản, is rushing through plans which they could come to lớn regret and that may well have sầu serious consequences for our children.’‘If the defendant wrongly takes that financial interest inkhổng lồ account, rather than reaching the decision on legitimate planning grounds, then the decision can be challenged on ordinary judicial đánh giá grounds.’‘The decisions made under this Article are declaratory, but national courts & NCAs would be bound to lớn take them inkhổng lồ account when reaching their own decisions.’‘Furthermore, from time khổng lồ time, they take these economic implications inkhổng lồ account, along with other factors, in arriving at their decisions.’‘Even after taking these factors into lớn trương mục, the researchers found lower cognitive development for the children of mothers who worked full-time during their child"s first nine months.’‘And the risks to lớn the woman need to be properly assessed & clearly explained lớn her, so that she can take them inlớn trương mục in making her decision.’‘It is vital that risks khổng lồ men, women, và children are all taken inlớn trương mục as being seriously important.’