Stay off là gì

stay off (of) (something)

1. To remain physically off or away from something. You have sầu lớn stay off the grass while the weed killer is being applied. If he had stayed off of my property, I wouldn”t have opened fire on him like the sign outside warns will happen! I told you khổng lồ stay off!2.

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To forbear from using or indulging in some illicit or unhealthy substance.

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I”m staying off all chocolates and candies until my wedding day. They promised khổng lồ help pay for his rent as long as he stayed off of drugs.See also: off, stay

stay off (something)

to lớn keep off of something. Please stay off my lawn! stay off!See also: off, stay

stay off


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1. To remain away from some surface or region: Stay off the grass! The spectators must stay off of the playing field.2. To refrain from indulging in something unhealthy, such as food or drugs: I”m trying khổng lồ stay off fatty foods.See also: off, staySee also:

stay off

1.continue to be at a distance from保持距离Tell the children to lớn stay off the road.叫孩子们离开公路远点。2.avoid避开The doctor advised him khổng lồ stay off fattening.医生建议他不要吃高脂肪食物。You”ll have lớn stay off beer if you really want to lớn thua kém weight.如果你真想减肥,就不能再喝啤酒了。3.not go khổng lồ school,work,etc.不上学;不上班I don”t feel very well.I think I”ll stay off tomorrow & have sầu a day in bed.我今天感到不舒服,明天我不去上班了,在床上躺一天。 stay away stay away (from someone or something) stay baông chồng stay baông chồng (from someone or something) stay behind stay below the radar stay by stay by (someone or something) stay clear stay clear of stay clear of (someone or something) stay cool stay down stay fit stay for stay for (something) stay head and shoulders above sầu (someone or something) stay hungry stay in stay in character stay in the dark stay in the dark about (something) stay in touch stay in touch with (one) stay loose stay off stay off (of) (something) stay on stay on (the right) trachồng stay on after (something) stay on the good side of (someone) stay on the right side of (someone) stay on the sideline(s) stay on the straight & narrow stay on top of stay on top of (someone or something) stay one jump ahead stay one step ahead (of someone or something) stay out stay out (of something) stay out from under (one's) feet stay out of it/this stay out of the/(one's) way stay over stay put stay smiling stay someone's hand stay still stay still for (someone or something) stay stoông xã still stay the course start off/out start with starve sầu for starve out stay behind stay in stay off stay on stay out stay with steal away steal into steal off

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