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A multiple-choice chạy thử or question is one in which you are given a danh sách of answers và you have to lớn choose the correct one. :

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a multiple choice examination or question involves choosing the correct answer from a các mục of possible answers:
Furthermore, unlượt thích a multiple-choice antecedent identification task that explicitly asks about grammaticality in a particular interpretation, the task itself does not necessitate participants" metalinguistic knowledge.
This significantly affected comprehension (reĐiện thoại tư vấn of target verbs & multiple-choice comprehension questions) và input đầu vào processing (for m recognition though not for m production).
The subskills of reading: rule-space analysis of a multiple-choice test of second language reading comprehension.
These treatments were chosen for the following reasons: multiple-choice glosses are said khổng lồ require "mental effort", increasing the likelihood of retention.
Two students take a multiple-choice kiểm tra with instructions lớn not respond lớn a question unless they are sure that they know the correct answer.
Immediately after, they completed a packet containing the awareness questionnaire, the controlled written production chạy thử, & the multiple-choice recognition test.
After completing the imagery task, participants took a multiple-choice idiom comprehension task, where each idiom was presented in the context of a short story.
It significantly affected comprehension (both reGọi of target verbs và multiple-choice comprehension questions) và đầu vào processing (form recognition but not form production).
This one failure khổng lồ reach significance is probably due lớn the low reliability of the comprehension task (16 items, four-way multiple-choice).
Moreover, research results of each of the three studies were based on only one multiple-choice task assessing receptive word knowledge.
Teaching the use of context to lớn infer meaning vocabular y lớn those of a traditional cloze task và multiple-choice questions.

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Ten context - multiple-choice combinations were tested; the order of the three choices was randomized.
This includes 90 items with multiple-choice alternatives lớn be used with 13- khổng lồ 16-year-old subjects.
The results of the analysis revealed that the trainees were quite successful in recognising appropriate forms in multiple-choice questions.
Item formats include multiple-choice, matching a graphic khổng lồ what was heard in a text, and identifying appropriate elements in a graphic.
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