( responses   plural ) Your response to lớn an sự kiện or to lớn something that is said is your reply or reaction lớn it.    n-count  oft N to/from n, also in N  There has been no response to lớn his remarks from the government...   

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response time 
   ( response times   plural ) Response time is the time taken for a computer to vị something after you have sầu given an instruction.   (COMPUTING)    n-count  The only flaw is the slightly slow response times when you press the buttons.   
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  acknowledgment, answer, comeback   (informal)  counterattack, counterblast, feedback, reaction, rejoinder, reply, retort, return, riposte 
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Papillex™ is a patented phytoceutical complex formulated to lớn support normal immune system response to lớn HPV naturally.

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