Hangouts nghĩa là gì

a website where people spover không lấy phí time, communicating with friends and sharing information or pictures:

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During the 1960s its grounds were a popular hang-out for artists & hippies, but the wall outside upon which people sat was subsequently redeveloped into shops.
Many apps can be used inside the hangout, allowing users khổng lồ giới thiệu documents, a scratchpad or their screens with other users.
The top floor of the mall is a popular hangout spot for teens, and many online message boards arrange get-togethers there during national holidays.
In the film"s terms, which are distinctly limited, this will mean finding a more sedate hangout và learning lớn go there for brunch....
The restaurant became known as a pre- & post-theater hangout, as well as a location for opening night parties.
The square is a known hangout for bicycle messengers và for pigeons, sparrows, và a few starlings.
The area is a meeting place & hangout location for students và their protests, promotions, speeches, political campaigning, and charity drives.
They can be popular hangout spaces for families or a medium lớn gọi out to lớn your neighbor lớn catch up with her.
The church becomes a bar & hangout for the townspeople, complete with drinking, poker, violence, fires, & worship of idols.
The b& built a bar in the studio và would go there to lớn drink, play cards và hangout before picking up their instruments each day.

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