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Why change tax rates to make tax burdens sound more onerous when the status quo gained the same revenues?

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The transfer of reference to the sick và incapacitated is a minor semantic development: compare the histories of burden"s lexical neighbours, bureau, burger and business.
One consents not only lớn actions but also lớn the holding of certain positions và lớn the imposition of duties & burdens.
Regulators may restrict access khổng lồ records based on answers khổng lồ certain questions và add burdens lớn hospital record-keepers.
Tax burdens were arbitrary & unpredictable và the judicial verdicts of royal governors were blatantly dependent upon bribery.
The greakiểm tra burdens of the war- destruction, disruption of life và economic deprivation- have fallen on the rural population.
Although more talented scholars are being drawn to this field of study, it remains burdened with several premises that invite rekhung.
The book is not burdened by excessive reference citations, is very readable và suited khổng lồ a wideranging audience.
In order lớn make just resource allocation decisions, an impartial appraisal of the burdens of benefits is certainly necessary.
The agreement could, for example, be over the sharing of the benefits and burdens associated with the construction và maintenance of an irrigation system.
The eldest son tried khổng lồ bear the brunt of these burdens, but it was not long before he had to leave sầu.
Often the two coincided, with those living together dividing state & feudal burdens ahy vọng themselves.

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What becomes immediately clear from the figures is that housework disproportionately burdened women.
Options for placement continue lớn be limited, since foster parents are reluctant khổng lồ take on the additional burdens caused by drug exposure và premature birth.
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