Verb would encourage

to lớn give sometoàn thân support, courage or hope encourage sometoàn thân We were greatly encouraged by the positive sầu response of the public.She encouraged many young writers và artists. encourage sometoàn thân in something My parents have sầu always encouraged me in my choice of career. + speech ‘You"re doing fine,’ he encouraged her.

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Extra ExamplesShe especially encouraged young scientists.We were greatly encouraged by the support we received.
Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverbgreatlyhighlystrongly…verb + encouragealặng totry towant to…prepositioninphrasesan attempt khổng lồ encourage something
to lớn persuade somebody to vì something by making it easier for them and making them believe sầu it is a good thing khổng lồ vì chưng encourage somebody toàn thân to vì something Banks actively encouraged people khổng lồ borrow money.I strongly encourage everyone lớn go and see this important film. encourage (doing) something Speaking your mind is highly encouraged at these sessions.
Extra ExamplesThe alặng of the chiến dịch is to lớn encourage youngsters not to smoke.The new measures are designed to lớn encourage more people khổng lồ cycle.

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Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverbgreatlyhighlystrongly…verb + encourageayên ổn totry towant to…prepositioninphrasesan attempt lớn encourage something
to lớn make something more likely lớn happen or develop encourage something There is a clear case for spending public money on encouraging participation in sport.lớn encourage development/investment/growthThe government should encourage the use of renewable energy sources. encourage something in somebody/something They clayên that some computer games encourage violent behaviour in young children. encourage somebody khổng lồ vị something Music và lighting are used to lớn encourage shoppers to buy more.
Extra ExamplesThe government must actively encourage investment in these areas.These questions are designed to encourage debate.Do toy guns encourage aggression?Programmes lượt thích this just encourage stereotyping.The treaty is aimed at encouraging cooperation between Member States.We"re looking at ways to lớn encourage recycling.Newspapers should not publish material that is likely to lớn encourage discrimination on the grounds of race or colour.

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Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverbgreatlyhighlystrongly…verb + encourageayên ổn totry towant to…prepositioninphrasesan attempt to encourage something opposite discourage
Word OriginMiddle English (formerly also as incourage): from French encourager, from en- ‘in’ + corage ‘courage’.
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